"Dean is a total expert in his field and adds tremendous value to our business. Our team all love his training and delivery style. It doesn’t matter at what stage your business is at, start up or established. Dean will be able to assist in moving your team forward regardless. Dean’s knowledge of the industry is faultless and he continues to give us competitive advantage by helping up-skill our team. Thank you Dean!"

Mitul Gadhia (CEO Bowden Samuel)

"The thing I like about Deano is that he does what he says is going to do, without fuss or hassle. Gets the job done. I like that in a person. Top top estate agency trainer - one of the very best. Top chap!"

Christopher Watkin (UK Property Market Journalist and Estate Agency Ghostwriter)

"Dean is not only a fun colleague to have around but he delivers training with an engaging and clear style that immediately puts delegates at ease, allowing them the confidence to grasp the subject at hand.

I’d certainly recommend collaborating with Dean in respect of any training your agency may need."

Nick Neill (MD Ewemove Sales and Lettings)

"You won't find a better trainer than Dean!

I've had the pleasure of working with Dean over the course of the last 6 years, and in all my professional career I've not been trained or worked with a trainer to the same caliber as Dean. He truly is an outstanding trainer both in terms of technology, processes and personal development. Dean has a knack of ensuring he puts the key points across in a clear and easy to understand manner, whilst keeping the sessions vibrant and enjoyable.

I've also had the pleasure of rolling out an online Training Platform that Dean had effortlessly put together all the courses for. These courses included, screen recordings, straight to video and PowerPoint presentations. He was able to use available technology to enhance his courses and to highlight critical elements that needed to stand out.

If you want a trainer that is going to make a significant difference to your teams, and ultimately your bottom line, then Dean is the man that you need in your organisation."

Adrian Cole (Project Manager Kaiser Permanente)

"I have always thoroughly enjoyed training courses run by Dean!!!! He has a huge amount of practical agency knowledge, which he shares freely with great encouragement.

He creates an atmosphere where attendees can speak openly & share real experiences, problems , concerns & scenarios without being judged or ridiculed & uses the collective knowledge of himself & the group to offer genuine solutions to real circumstances. 

His attention & care does not end when the session is complete but he continues to offer support & guidance when asked far beyond the date of the course.

In a very ‘trying’ business – Dean engages his group with a great sense of humour (which lasts throughout the day)! His courses are a pleasure to attend & leave you feeling personally & professionally inspired!"

Gail Prince (Martin & Co Poole)